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Shrewsbury, UK


Artist’s Statement:

Using digital and film photography I make images that I find intriguing. Photography and making are important parts of my practice. Street photography, architecture, humorous contradictions, family documentary, artistic abstracts and experimental concepts all interest me. Regular expeditions to large cities provide many of my most interesting captures as it’s a world away from my sheltered home town of Shrewsbury.

A 34 year career in engineering breeds a yearning to understand how everything works, my work often documents places, events, people, and buildings that might otherwise be forgotten in the future.  Inexorably drawn to structures and monuments that the wider population find distasteful, I share their mostly undiscovered beauty as if a defence barrister in the court of artistic appreciation.

The hidden beauty in ugliness is my quiet protest against what constitutes “pretty” by the vacuous reality tv shows and  false portrayals forced upon the public. Death and decay are sources of beauty that I’m drawn to as they represent the finality of life and act as a memento-mori to remind us of our insignificance in the universe.

Blog/Journal: http://bobgriffiths.uk/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/batbob/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/unibatbob


  • Photographer for Friends Of The Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings
  • Event Photographer, Videographer and Board Member for Young Enterprise Shropshire
  • Secretary and Founder of Caterpillar Photographic Society
  • Social Media Photographer for Caterpillar Shrewsbury Ltd.
  • Press Secretary and photographer for Shrewsbury & District Air Rifle League
  • Contributor to Bilston Art Project

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