Tag: power

2 May 2023

A day trip to London for a Street Art exhibition and a wander around Battersea. All whilst making images on my camera that might come in handy to illustrate my whereabouts..

26 February 2023

Del Loewenthal is a psychologist who developed an approach to photography that categorises images into four distinct categories depending on who has the power in the relationship and who benefits from the production of the image.

As an individual task ahead of next week we were asked to construct our own Ethical Window…..

26 February 2023

We were given a task to look at works by four authors/photographers and choose one to discuss regarding the ethics involved in the photos included in the volume..

After looking into the photo journalism work of Kevin Carter, Bruce gilden’s book Only God Can Judge Me and Case History by Boris Michailov I chose the option to discuss Richard Billingham’s book, Ray’s A Laugh