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4 October 2022

Learning to fuse Eggleston and Szarkowski in an effort to create work for the Contextual Task. A trip around Wolverhampton City Centre..

2 October 2022
25 September 2022

When you’ve been a good boy at work, sometimes people give you an award! I used mine on a Holga Pinhole camera, see the results of my early usage here..

24 September 2022

What Colour Are Emotions? I don’t really know but lets try and figure it out, then take a picture to represent it and myself.

20 September 2022
18 September 2022

On the 8th September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II died. I rushed down to London to witness the rush of people to the capital. This is the story of my road trip.

15 September 2022
16 August 2022

Heat wave in August 2022, what can you do on a really sunny day? Cut the grass, sit and have a beer on the decking, fill the paddling pool, go on hols or try a Cyanotype in the bright sunshine?

29 May 2022

This time it’s Studio Portraiture using the brief of “Fictions Of The Self” where we were to find a portrait painting and reimagine it using photography in the university’s ample studios.

28 May 2022
9 May 2022

Revision Week is underway and it’s time to catch up on those outstanding items on the To Do list..

26 April 2022
18 April 2022
29 March 2022
28 March 2022
24 March 2022

It’s studio time again and this week it was recreating famous paintings. My chosen image was a painting of an artist’s self portrait..

16 March 2022

Which paintings have I selected to recreate in the photo studio? Why did I choose these? How will we take the photos?

13 March 2022
13 March 2022

What will market traders in Bilston Market look like in the year 2100? This post is how I approached the task for my Digital Photography module.

28 February 2022

What will a Bilston Market Tailor’s Stall look like in the year 2100, probably not much different. Check out my image of the future.