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6 May 2024

Tuesday 7th May sees us Level 5 Students sit down with Sylvia for an assessment tutorial before the final hand in on the 9th May, this Thursday.
She has helpfully given us the info on the topics of conversation.

6 May 2024
6 May 2024

To accompany my exhibition work, the series of three photographs called Shutdown, I created a small zine that contained the three displayed images and the some of the shortlisted works that I decided not to use in the show.

4 May 2024
30 April 2024

Early on in the year I started by looking into Liminal Space as a possible theme for my Practice for this module. I started out by making images of spaces that were uncanny, strange, confusing and odd places whilst reading about Liminal Spaces on the web.

29 April 2024
28 April 2024
21 April 2024

From the beginnings of an idea, this post details my “Practice” throughout this year, leading to the exhibition which has just closed. It contains information on installation, opening, running and conclusions about the whole process.

21 April 2024

Today was the last day of our Level 5 Exhibition – Timeless Perspectives at the Eagle Works, Wolverhampton.

We had opened on Thursday with a private view and then yesterday saw a couple of people come and view the exhibition. Would today bring more visitors?

19 April 2024

Today is Friday 19th April, and the exhibition that opened yesterday has had a full day open in the Eagle Works. Five of us invigilated between 11am and 5pm. How did the opening go? and how many visitors did we see on the first full day of being open?

10 April 2024
26 March 2024

In this final post about the Japan trip in January 2024 I wrap up my thoughts and feelings about the adventure. What I liked about the place, people and other subjects and what I didn’t.

20 March 2024
20 March 2024
10 March 2024

Two artists attended the University this week, Naomi Greaves and Marley Starskey-Butler. Perfect timing with the contents around exhibitions and with us prepping for our Level 5 Photography exhibition in April.

10 March 2024

This week consists of two days. the first was a Tutorial and a chat about the exhibition which is due to open in mid-April. Have a look at the reasons why I’ve selected some photos and not others along with the overall theme developing of the show.

9 March 2024
2 March 2024
20 February 2024

Time for the third shoot within the factory, and this time it’s after shutdown, when everyone has left for the Christmas break. I find out that I have the factory in my DNA.

18 February 2024