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29 January 2024
8 January 2024
7 January 2024
24 December 2023
23 December 2023
22 December 2023

Due for submission this month was a Contextual Essay Plan in which I was to explain which single word I’d chosen to write about and then discuss the plan around the writing of the visual analysis.

12 December 2023

For Week 11 we have to prepare and present a five minute presentation on Space being represented in one of our own photos and another in a contemporary photographer’s work. Have a read what I picked and why…

5 December 2023

This week we talk about space and how other artists, photographers make use of it in their work. We discuss how it is used, why it works or doesn’t and I find another photographer in Kander who I really enjoy the work of.

4 December 2023

Camera Obscura, a simple method of projecting what is outside, into the room using no special optical lenses or anything more than cardboard and tin foil.

4 December 2023
28 November 2023
19 November 2023
16 November 2023
10 November 2023
8 November 2023

I used a day holiday from work to go and be an assistant at a photo shoot in the Wolverhampton School Of Art for the Black Country Chamber Of Commerce magazine, Prosper.

3 November 2023
28 October 2023

A fun packed day in Week Four of Semester 1. Some printing, some washing, some spilling of drinks, a tutorial and a fire alarm evacuation.

28 October 2023

Watch something task, I watch lots of photography content on YouTube but could I narrow it down? Yes I could. A mixture of street photography, film photography and talk about methods and practice make this an ideal video to discuss.

27 October 2023
23 October 2023

Week 3 and Sylvia tasked us with reading an essay by Martha Rosler and interpreting it. What does it mean? After reading it a few times I did get something out of it, have a read what my thoughts wre.