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20 March 2024
29 January 2024
22 December 2023

Due for submission this month was a Contextual Essay Plan in which I was to explain which single word I’d chosen to write about and then discuss the plan around the writing of the visual analysis.

18 June 2023
12 May 2023
12 May 2023

My second year as a part time Level 4 (first year) student is coming to an end and all my work will soon be submitted. What have I learnt this year ? This quick overview lets you know how I’ve benefitted from being back at school..

2 April 2023

Writing for a Student newspaper? Why would I spend time doing this? What would I even submit? Find out how I got involved, what I did and why I think it’s a great thing to have done.

31 March 2023
12 February 2023
4 December 2022

This week is a review week of Semester One and all the work we’ve created up until this point. What do I need to improve upon, what can I do next to try different things? See what Alice and I talked about.

22 November 2022
23 October 2022
18 October 2022