Semester 2 Week 12 – Submission Prep

Friday 28th April

This is the last taught week of the academic year, after this it’s reading weeks, tutorials, support and finally submission of work.

First task was to complete the end of module feedback form to allow lessons to be learned by staff and the university as a whole as to what is going well and what needs to be improved.

Following this I made some notes on what tasks were still left to do:

  • Need to resubmit the exhibition review at the same time as the essay and portfolio
  • Need to write a blog post on the feedback from the last review
  • Need to document research for essay in the blog too. Which books did I use etc?
  • Blog post for book binding workshop

I also had a question about the essay title page, Alice shared Essay writing skills workshop PowerPoint from an earlier seminar and it plainly shows that the essay needs to comply with the following.

  • Module code and name on front sheet
  • Student number
  • Essay title
  • Table of contents optional
  • Page numbers in bottom right corner
  • Font choice 12
  • Over four lines plus quotes are indented and removed from word count
  • Reference List on Separate Sheet.

I’ve developed a To Do list to check things off as I get closer to hitting the submit button on the Canvas system

As you can see, I’ve now ticked off the overview posts for the year, the year-long project and the essay research information.. I’m now in the process of putting together the document with hyperlinks in to aid the markers find the information in the blog more easily. once this is done it’ll be time to digitise the sketch books, prints I’ve made through the year and my final works. This will all be stored in Powerpoint slide deck and uploaded along with the Essay and Exhibition Review..

It’s now getting so close I can almost taste Level 5.

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