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7 February 2023

After discussing ideas for my year long project with Niki, I developed a concept around my Town Council’s recent project to replace 30 bus shelters. Sounds enthralling, no?

2 February 2023
30 January 2023

At the end of last year, Alice gave us a task to create an A3 size board containing references, text, quotes and examples of images that we were interested in related to our year-long project.

My year long project so far has been a proper mixed bag, some print destruction, some negative distressing, some architecture, some portraiture so I put three boards together using my computer and PowerPoint along with the graphics table so I could scrawl directly onto the digital page.

29 January 2023

Alice gave us a challenge to plan a shoot and carry it out using inspiration from the surrealism lecture on Friday. See what I got up to with my wardrobe door.

11 January 2023

Sarah x 2 came to talk to us today about their practice and how they are better individual artists when working together. Oh and lots of food discussions too.

6 January 2023
11 December 2022

What about a nice little bit of Typography on a Friday afternoon then? Lovely stuff. Some of this really appeals to my super picky and pedantic nature..

11 December 2022

Research is an important part of my degree course and it’s not something that comes easy to me. See how I get on looking into the work of Alma Haser.

4 December 2022

This week is a review week of Semester One and all the work we’ve created up until this point. What do I need to improve upon, what can I do next to try different things? See what Alice and I talked about.

2 December 2022
29 November 2022
28 November 2022

Night & Day in Tokyo and other cities around the world. My work led me to look at work by Liam Wong and Masataka Nakano who are both extraordinary photographers.

22 November 2022
22 November 2022
14 November 2022

Our Seminar this week ended with a task to find two photos, one an example of the Studium, and another showing a Punctum, as Barthes calls them in his Camera Lucida text. See which images I picked and why they were selected.

8 November 2022

Photograms and Alternative Prints? What could possibly go wrong in my journey to take on two of Alice’s small challenges in the name of exploring Materiality.

6 November 2022

Seminar today was about Materiality, Purists, Pictorialists and a bit about Academic Integrity and Referencing. Some questions and a couple of challenges to complete.

2 November 2022
27 October 2022

Time for a chat about ideas for my full year project, and also a little bit of getting back into the swing of Colour Enlarging and printing.

18 October 2022