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26 March 2024

In this final post about the Japan trip in January 2024 I wrap up my thoughts and feelings about the adventure. What I liked about the place, people and other subjects and what I didn’t.

20 March 2024
10 March 2024

This week consists of two days. the first was a Tutorial and a chat about the exhibition which is due to open in mid-April. Have a look at the reasons why I’ve selected some photos and not others along with the overall theme developing of the show.

9 March 2024
3 March 2024

The time has come to return to the UK and end my Japanuary adventure in the Land Of The Rising Sun. The last post saw me getting in to bed earlyish (about 1am) and setting my alarm for 5am. Did I wake up in time?

2 March 2024
20 February 2024

Time for the third shoot within the factory, and this time it’s after shutdown, when everyone has left for the Christmas break. I find out that I have the factory in my DNA.

18 February 2024
18 February 2024
15 February 2024
11 February 2024
8 February 2024

today was a trip to Hiroshima on the famous Bullet Train. It was a moving experience, both the train and the city of the first atomic bombing.

7 February 2024

Day two and it was a packed day in my planning phase, slightly undone by jet lag. I still did a lot with the time I had though.

6 February 2024

Day one of my trip to tokyo, Japan. Well it’s more like two days as the flight saw me flying on Saturday and landing in Tokyo on Sunday. This post deals with the flights and the Sunday.

4 February 2024

This week we were off to London to visit the Photographers’ Gallery for the Daido Moriyama Retrospective and the V&A Photography Centre for a walk around the Energy: Sparks from the Collection.

8 January 2024
7 January 2024
24 December 2023
23 December 2023
22 December 2023

Due for submission this month was a Contextual Essay Plan in which I was to explain which single word I’d chosen to write about and then discuss the plan around the writing of the visual analysis.