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16 May 2023

Today was the hand in deadline, with the digital stuff submitted on Friday I had only the physical works to submit in person. Also a quick drone mission on someone in the art school’s behalf. Topped off with a film dev in the bathroom..

4 May 2023

SpacePlay came to Wolves to do a concrete Easter egg hunt for three sold out groups of people with the chance of winning a concrete egg based on the MK Building. I volunteered to assist the endeavours and had some fun too.

1 May 2023

Semester 2 Week 10 saw us all sit down individually with Alice for a progress review of the academic year so far. Read here to see whether I’m on track or not. Warning: this post contains some rather blatant bragging and flexing.

1 May 2023
5 April 2023

What would you think if you saw a poster for a Pest Control company stuck on a fence? Probably not the same as me anyway. What did I do this time?

17 March 2023
6 January 2023
11 December 2022

What about a nice little bit of Typography on a Friday afternoon then? Lovely stuff. Some of this really appeals to my super picky and pedantic nature..

11 December 2022

Research is an important part of my degree course and it’s not something that comes easy to me. See how I get on looking into the work of Alma Haser.

4 December 2022

This week is a review week of Semester One and all the work we’ve created up until this point. What do I need to improve upon, what can I do next to try different things? See what Alice and I talked about.

2 December 2022
6 November 2022

Seminar today was about Materiality, Purists, Pictorialists and a bit about Academic Integrity and Referencing. Some questions and a couple of challenges to complete.

2 November 2022
20 September 2022
29 May 2022

This time it’s Studio Portraiture using the brief of “Fictions Of The Self” where we were to find a portrait painting and reimagine it using photography in the university’s ample studios.

14 February 2022
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