Semester 2: Week 13 Tutorial

Tuesday 30th April 2024

We had individual tutorials today with Sylvia to catch up with where we are and what we still have left to do in terms of Practice and Contextual works.

The first thing she said was that I was the only one who hadn’t yet asked for an extension to the hand in date and I discussed that i’d prefer to get it done sooner rather than later and although I had requested an extension at the end of the last year that was down the death of my Dad.

Hand In Prep

We discussed the hand in requirements for the module and that we have an Assessment Tutorial next week where sylvia looks though all of the documents to check we have everything where it should be and that it all looks to meet the learning objectives of the course.

We discussed my blog, the one you’re reading, and how I document everything on there, including some of the research that I’m currently writing up on the artists and the topics that have been involved with my Practice and Contextual works this year.

Sylvia sounded concerned that there might be difficulties finding the required parts of the work in my blog but I reassured her that I hand in a Word Document with links to each part of the semester to make it easier for her and any invigilator should it need to be externally assessed.

Exhibition Reflection

We talked about the Reflection of the Exhibition and how it should be a seperate piece of work and handed in at the same time as the rest of the work. In the previous blog post on the exhibition decisions and results I had that section labelled as Conclusion so I have altered it to read Reflection and added a couple of items into the post too showing that I have considered different displaying /presentation techniques based upon exhibitions that I’ve been to recently.

Qualitative Research

I also discussed the topic of the research that i have done and the primary research survey that i carried out over MS Forms and how it fits in with the contextual work on the atmosphere in the two photos that I’ve chosen to study as a visual analysis. Sylvia made the point that I should document the benefits of this qualitative research and how it has helped me with the work.

She also mentioned that it might be beneficial to look at how other artists have carried out research in this manner or other ways. I have looked around at how research is used like this by other photographers. I didn’t find anything really but there was a study about Photo Elicitation Interview techniques for marginalised an under represented groups using photographs to promote conversation in an interview. I can find no other photographers who have used survey techniques to capture information on their photography.

The nearest thing I could find was a a survey by Time magazine who interviewed thousands of photographers, editors, curators, publishers, family and friends to find the 100 most influential photographs. A colorised version of thirty of the top can be seen here but the original article is no longer available on the Time website, but is available on the Wayback Machine website. (an online archive of millions of web pages) it can be found here.

One other survey I found online was on the website and the photographer is collecting a huge number of responses for use in the production of a book. He says “Whilst researching a project, I wanted to do some polling and ask some questions to confirm a couple of hypothesis regarding the changes regarding photography. Through this survey, we hope to gain insight into how people approach and view photography in 2020.”

The survey I created will be shared in a separate post about the results of the research and whilst some of it might be useful, I suspect that it might not offer much to the essay/visual analysis.

Black & White

Before and after the tutorial I found time to get in the darkroom and produce some prints based on my 35mm negatives from the Barbican Estate in london from a trip earlier this year.

I worked on a few prints but I think I was obsessing about the converging verticals and doing myself a dirty. They came out ok, but the light sky on the day led to there being no separation around the border of the image. The image of the lit up corridor came out well but I wanted to crop in a little and set the borders to 1 inch and it looked to have worked out fine.

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