Category: street photography

12 May 2023
6 May 2023

I’d love to be Batman, fighting injustice in the world, but it’s not going to happen. Instead I’ll stand up for the rights of photographers who are told incorrect information regularly. No police involved this time.

4 May 2023

SpacePlay came to Wolves to do a concrete Easter egg hunt for three sold out groups of people with the chance of winning a concrete egg based on the MK Building. I volunteered to assist the endeavours and had some fun too.

2 May 2023

A day trip to London for a Street Art exhibition and a wander around Battersea. All whilst making images on my camera that might come in handy to illustrate my whereabouts..

1 May 2023
5 April 2023

What would you think if you saw a poster for a Pest Control company stuck on a fence? Probably not the same as me anyway. What did I do this time?

2 April 2023

What started off as a bit of nostalgia dn reminiscing about school days turned into research about prefab houses and then full circle to find out some family history long before my school days.

2 April 2023
2 April 2023

Writing for a Student newspaper? Why would I spend time doing this? What would I even submit? Find out how I got involved, what I did and why I think it’s a great thing to have done.

21 March 2023
13 February 2023
12 February 2023
7 February 2023

After discussing ideas for my year long project with Niki, I developed a concept around my Town Council’s recent project to replace 30 bus shelters. Sounds enthralling, no?

18 January 2023
11 January 2023

Sarah x 2 came to talk to us today about their practice and how they are better individual artists when working together. Oh and lots of food discussions too.

6 January 2023
28 November 2022

Night & Day in Tokyo and other cities around the world. My work led me to look at work by Liam Wong and Masataka Nakano who are both extraordinary photographers.

22 November 2022
27 October 2022

Time for a chat about ideas for my full year project, and also a little bit of getting back into the swing of Colour Enlarging and printing.

23 October 2022