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13 March 2022
13 March 2022

What will market traders in Bilston Market look like in the year 2100? This post is how I approached the task for my Digital Photography module.

28 February 2022

What will a Bilston Market Tailor’s Stall look like in the year 2100, probably not much different. Check out my image of the future.

27 February 2022
15 February 2022

Choosing how to make photos of Bilston, Wolverhampton and Birmingham look like they’re taken in 2100. Ideas are harder to come by than I thought..

14 February 2022
8 February 2022

Workshop number two for the Digital Photography part of the Media and Methods module on…

30 January 2022

The first workshop for Digital Photography sees us merging an actual building into a future scape. How does it go?

11 January 2022

First day back in the Darkroom, what can I learn today? How to load and process 120 films in the darkroom of course, and a bit of negative scanning.

10 January 2022

What do you do when you have too many hobbies and distractions? Sell them of course!! Then replace the gear with something else!!

9 January 2022
4 January 2022
3 January 2022
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