Digital Workshop #4

Whilst we were logging in and preparing to scour our images for some ideas, Gavin played us some sound recordings of Bilston in a soundtrack created by Rebecca Mahay who is a local artist specialising in sound and music. It was interesting to hear music and sounds being evident at all times, with the sound of metalwork being almost non-stop. It sounded like the inside of the factory where I work on a Friday when using a radio is permitted.

Altered Images

Gavin talked to one of fellow students, about using Audacity to glitch images randomly, whereby you load an image into audacity, add reverb or some such and then export it as a picture again. There are some groovy effects that can be done with this. Here is a youtube video about the process from Zach Whalen: It is quite intriguing and this “Data Bending” can lead to some crazy effects in photos. I will give it a go when I have a need for it.

Source Material

Looking through the Bilston photos I have I thought I might be able to :

5DIM5991.cr2 change the dental practice into a museum of Bilston with special covid exhibition

5DIM6182 a photo of the fruit on the market with the colours weaker or changed to represent the issues with growing fruit and crops and species dying out, therefore relying on cloning like bananas do today.

5DIM6050 the words and writing on the metal fence in Bilston or any other location with comments about the war with russia, or Covid 43 etc…

5DIM6117 Market trader selling items, could be changed to a robot and the items being sold might be different too.

Artists Block

When I talked with Gavin about my lack of ideas, and should I be focusing on wide shots or details close up etc, he suggested I could do both. I have photos of Bilston, Wolves, Birmingham and Shrewsbury, I could do a wide shot and then a focus on a study of someone or something from the time.

Film Time

He was talking about a film called Soylent Green, which is a 1973 film with Charlton Heston about a dystopian future, it’s got a good rating on IMDB so I may rent it on google/prime etc and take a peek.


During the remainder of time available I had a look at one of my photos from the Bilston trip of the tram cockpit and an empty seat with the track leading away in front. I changed the screen to show Tesla logo but couldn’t see other methods of making it futurefied other than an Autopilot Engaged caption across the screen.

I will now go onto look at a few images I have in my lightroom catalog from the previous trips out to these areas of the West Mids and see if I can’t put something together…

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