Submission Complete

After working devilishly this week to close out a lot of the shortages needed for the completion of my work I have now just been on the Canvas page for the Assignment and uploaded the submissions. Yay

You can see from the screenshot that I’ve uploaded six files, all clearly labelled with some explanation on the right hand side in the comments field.

It’s a big weight off my mind and I’ve got until 14:00hrs on Tuesday to make any changes that spring to mind, but I think I’ve gone over everything with a fine-toothed comb so I shouldn’t have missed anything.

The Final Pieces

The final two images I submitted as my body of work will be available in file number 4 of the submitted files but as they are all about the physical element I will be handing in two images on Tuesday at the University.

The final images are seen here, as I hadn’t digitised them before the that last post on the Year Long Project. They are accompanied here by a close up to show the intricacy of the work.

Looking at this submission it feels like I haven’t produced enough work but it’s actually made up of four images and a whole heap of effort to get them merged. You can see the process in this YouTube video.

Over the last year I have produced many merged or woven images but I feel that the meaning behind these two compositions are what is makes them such a powerful piece of work. To me at least.

In case it’s too difficult to make it out, the first image shows my late father and his sister standing outside their B.I.S.F. house in the 50s and this is merged with a photo of the same property in 2023, the paint peeling off and looking aged and decrepit. It came about purely by coincidence and it seems that the universe wanted me to do something with the subject material.

The second image is made up of two images of my mother, one from her Wedding day and one from this year of her lying in bed asleep and suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. The juxtaposition of these two images and the difference in time and health status is what makes it a powerful image for me.

What’s Next

Tomorrow sees me now able to get off down to London for the Photo London show in Somerset House so I’ll be off there early in the morning and I’ll be able to get to bed before 1am tonight.

I can also start tidying up my office and put away all of the books that I’ve had spread all over my desk for the last few weeks. I may need to do some digital housekeeping too, to sort out the pictures of the pages of sketchbooks and other works. I’ll also tidy up my folder structure to ensure that it’s logical and I’m able to find anything required in the future.

I still have my risograph printed zines that need covers and hand stitching together before going on etsy and ebay.

Along with this I have two jigsaws to make, print out two images and glue to the jigsaws before cutting them apart with a scalpel and then swapping parts of one with another as I discussed in this post.

I’ll also get back to shooting other stuff, some street photography, some architecture and who knows what else. Maybe even some Aurora Borealis whilst we are in a busy solar period..

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