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1 May 2023
16 March 2023
12 February 2023
30 January 2023

At the end of last year, Alice gave us a task to create an A3 size board containing references, text, quotes and examples of images that we were interested in related to our year-long project.

My year long project so far has been a proper mixed bag, some print destruction, some negative distressing, some architecture, some portraiture so I put three boards together using my computer and PowerPoint along with the graphics table so I could scrawl directly onto the digital page.

18 January 2023
27 October 2022

Time for a chat about ideas for my full year project, and also a little bit of getting back into the swing of Colour Enlarging and printing.

25 September 2022

When you’ve been a good boy at work, sometimes people give you an award! I used mine on a Holga Pinhole camera, see the results of my early usage here..

18 December 2021
30 October 2021