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16 May 2023

Today was the hand in deadline, with the digital stuff submitted on Friday I had only the physical works to submit in person. Also a quick drone mission on someone in the art school’s behalf. Topped off with a film dev in the bathroom..

12 May 2023
12 May 2023

My second year as a part time Level 4 (first year) student is coming to an end and all my work will soon be submitted. What have I learnt this year ? This quick overview lets you know how I’ve benefitted from being back at school..

10 May 2023

This academic year I’ve been working on a project that involves manipulation and disruption of images. This post details where I started from and all the stars that aligned in order for me to produce something I was happy with.

6 May 2023

I’d love to be Batman, fighting injustice in the world, but it’s not going to happen. Instead I’ll stand up for the rights of photographers who are told incorrect information regularly. No police involved this time.

2 May 2023

A day trip to London for a Street Art exhibition and a wander around Battersea. All whilst making images on my camera that might come in handy to illustrate my whereabouts..

1 May 2023
18 April 2023

Alice asked us to consider display strategies for photographs and I looked back at the exhibitions I’ve visited this academic year.
Find out which one was the weirdest..

2 April 2023

What started off as a bit of nostalgia dn reminiscing about school days turned into research about prefab houses and then full circle to find out some family history long before my school days.

2 April 2023

Student competition for Ilford? Don’t mind if I do. See how I get on with creating some prints on Ilford paper from Ilford film..

2 April 2023

Writing for a Student newspaper? Why would I spend time doing this? What would I even submit? Find out how I got involved, what I did and why I think it’s a great thing to have done.

2 April 2023

For a book binding workshop I designed and printed a zine of images from University Of Leeds campus. Printed on Riso printer, why did I expend this much effort?

31 March 2023
21 March 2023
17 March 2023
7 March 2023

With a book binding workshop in a few weeks I set out to create something that I can bind together and result in something that I might be able to use.

5 March 2023
27 February 2023
27 February 2023

Some work on my year long project as discussed with Niki in our Tuestorial. (It’s a tutorial on a Tuesday) Maybe some ideas for the future and the derision of MS WordArt.

26 February 2023

Del Loewenthal is a psychologist who developed an approach to photography that categorises images into four distinct categories depending on who has the power in the relationship and who benefits from the production of the image.

As an individual task ahead of next week we were asked to construct our own Ethical Window…..