Physical Work Hand In – Complete

Today is the 16th May 2023 and my work was to be uploaded to Canvas, and the physical work to be handed in to Room MK040 in readiness for marking.

My digital work I submitted on Friday and was happy to get it all in the safekeeping of the University systems. The only thing remaining for me to handover was the Weaving work or what I called Veeblefetzers.

I got to the Uni at 13:00 hrs with an hour to spare so went to the Harrison Library to take back the library copy of Gilda Williams, How to write about contemporary art. I’ve since bought a cheap copy off the ebay and it’ll likely come in very handy over the next four years at least.

On the way back to the MK Building, which houses the School Of Art at the University Of Wolverhampton I stopped on the road over the subway which joins the Molineux area to the City Campus. I sat myself down and took the Mini 3 Pro from my bag and set up ready to go and get some photos. Jim from the Print Support Hub had asked for a photo so that he can use it in Riso prints in the future to replace the current perspective that he has been using previously.

After powering on and waiting for satellite acquiring I had to sign in to Unlock the Authorisation Zone. This zone is here because of the Wolves homeground and you need to be following the rules correctly to fly around these zones. I had to tick the box saying I was allowed to fly here, that I had the training to fly there and that I took responsibility. After entering my name and phone number I also had to consent to flight data being sent to DJI so that they could check I was doing nothing wrong, i.e. flying over a full football ground…

With that, I was text messaged the authorisation code, which I entered and then was presented with an Unlock Confirmation. A quick press of both joysticks down and towards each other started the props. I lifted it off and sent it up.

Jim was after a photo of the front of the building from above and to the left, and to reduce confusion he sent me this scribble so I could get an accurate idea of what he wanted.

It was windy but still under the limit that prevents a safe flight, especially with this DJI Mini 3 Pro. It went up and around the building, always keeping it in line of sight. It was easy as the sky was very blue and the drone was very obvious. After a tour around the building above it I dropped down to take some images from the angles that Jim wanted and then a few from around the other side and the rear of the building too. It’s not an easy place to fly around as there are a number of trees that are designed to catch a drone or as Ken Heron puts it, “Trees are dicks”.

With a few photos on the memory card, mostly 48 Megapixel images, some in Portrait and some in Landscape, I switched to Video and did a couple of different views and sweeps across the front of the building.

Once I’d safely landed the drone at my feet with no issues I packed it away and headed for the basement studio to see if anyone was in. There were two other students in ahead of their Degree Show in June so I had a quick chat and then headed up to the hand in room.

Alice was there and took the photos off my hands and there they will now stay until the markers have seen them and I can pick them up again.

So that is it, Level 4 done, dusted, complete, JD. Maybe now I can tidy up the home office and get some sort of order in place. Or so I thought, I remembered that I had an Ilford HP5 Plus 120 Film to develop so I broke out the chemistry and prepared the area in the bathroom.

Once everything was set up, I took the paterson tank and the roll of 120 into the downstairs toilet which is blacked out, loaded the film into the reel and then sealed it in the tank.

Heading back to the bathroom I started the Timelapse video on the gopro and the result is what you can see below.

Once this is dry in the morning, I will cut it into strips of four frames before scanning them in using my DSLR and the Essential Film Holder. Until the morning it’ll be hung up in the shower cubicle, dodging as much dust as possible and of course the cat thinking it’s a toy to try and rip down..

If I check the film out tomorrow and there are some good images on there I might even bust out the Durst M605 Enlarger and produce a few prints.. We’ll see.

I still need to gather together all of the prints I’ve created this year and last, and offer them in a sale in my Etsy and eBay stores. You never know, someone might buy one.

The next post will hopefully be about my trip to Photo London on Saturday just gone..

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