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1 May 2023
2 April 2023

Student competition for Ilford? Don’t mind if I do. See how I get on with creating some prints on Ilford paper from Ilford film..

27 March 2023
27 March 2023
23 February 2023

After the normal Tuesday afternoon at Uni had been completed it was time to head to the Print Rooms to find out what we’d be doing tonight. The answer, Drypoint Etching Intaglio.

12 February 2023

Tuesday Night Print Club saw us look into the magical world of Silk Screen Printing. Laura showed us around the Screen Printing area and helped us make sense of the overwhelming nature of everything in there. We were introduced to the equipment, processes, waste handling and just how messy it can get.

2 December 2022
22 November 2022
8 November 2022

Photograms and Alternative Prints? What could possibly go wrong in my journey to take on two of Alice’s small challenges in the name of exploring Materiality.

18 December 2021
30 October 2021