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12 May 2023
10 May 2023

This academic year I’ve been working on a project that involves manipulation and disruption of images. This post details where I started from and all the stars that aligned in order for me to produce something I was happy with.

1 May 2023
2 April 2023

Student competition for Ilford? Don’t mind if I do. See how I get on with creating some prints on Ilford paper from Ilford film..

27 March 2023
16 March 2023
5 March 2023
12 February 2023

Tuesday Night Print Club saw us look into the magical world of Silk Screen Printing. Laura showed us around the Screen Printing area and helped us make sense of the overwhelming nature of everything in there. We were introduced to the equipment, processes, waste handling and just how messy it can get.

12 February 2023

This week saw the second half of the Riso learning and a use of Gibbs’ reflective cycle to analyse how we got on with the Riso Printing sessions.

12 February 2023
18 January 2023
6 January 2023
11 December 2022

Research is an important part of my degree course and it’s not something that comes easy to me. See how I get on looking into the work of Alma Haser.

4 December 2022

This week is a review week of Semester One and all the work we’ve created up until this point. What do I need to improve upon, what can I do next to try different things? See what Alice and I talked about.

2 December 2022
22 November 2022
9 November 2022
6 November 2022

Seminar today was about Materiality, Purists, Pictorialists and a bit about Academic Integrity and Referencing. Some questions and a couple of challenges to complete.

3 November 2022

As part of my Full Year Project we sat around and chatted about each other’s work in a tutorial session. Here is my first group of test prints that I chopped up and reassembled. Why did I do this?

27 October 2022

Time for a chat about ideas for my full year project, and also a little bit of getting back into the swing of Colour Enlarging and printing.