Editing Portraits from Studio #4

This post is a quick update on my editing of the three images from the studio workshop this past Monday. I will use primarily Adobe Lightroom for the majority of these simple edits but have occasionally used Photoshop with other images.

The first image to play with is Paris’ recreation of Man Reading (1922) by Eduard Von Gebhardt, she appears in the image using a similar coat, pose, book and gestures. The previous post explains the process of getting the image onto the sensor of the Pentax 645Z and my notes on editing will be very concise.

Man Reading (1922) by Eduard Von Gebhardt

With the original in mind I took the RAW image into Lightroom and started editing.

Straight out of the camera.
  • Create New Snapshot to reflect on in the processing.
  • EnableĀ  Profile Corrections – to correct for distortion caused by camera and 55-110 zoom lens
  • Crop In Closer to better represent painting and space around subject.
  • Increase exposure by 1.1 stops to account for aperture error when capturing image.
Corrected, cropped and increased exposure
  • Drop Luminance on Green and Aqua channel to deaden the background green somewhat.
  • Add Mask on background and drop exposure by 2/3 of a stop
  • Ad small amount of texture and clarity, to bring out some detail.
Background deadened and texture added to subject
  • Reduced saturation to -6 to take newness off and make a little more vintage.
  • Export to 100% quality file
The final image.

John Peter Russell’s Vincent Van Gogh

Next was the painting Veronica chose, Vincent Van Gogh (1886) by John Peter Russell.

Vincent Van Gogh painted in 1886 by John Peter Russell
  • Create New Snapshot
  • Enable Profile corrections
  • Remove Chromatic Aberrations
  • Crop in to remove legs, part of back and top empty space.
  • Create Snapshot
  • Lift blacks and shadows up by +30
  • Drop highlights by -25
  • Add Texture +5
  • Contrast -10 to soften background out
  • Create Mask to alter exposure above head and also on left side with a gradient -1stop
  • Export to 100% quality file

Image gallery below shows each stage of the processing. It looks really Dark on the screen but clicking on image should open up larger.

Final Image

Young Sick Bacchus by Caravaggio

Final one for the studio today is Meg’s choice of a Caravaggio painting showing himself suffering from an illness and posing as a character from antiquity.

The original by Caravaggio c.1593
  • Create New Snapshot
  • Enable Profile corrections
  • Remove Chromatic Aberrations
  • Crop to leave a little space on left, get close to head on top and leave enough to the right
  • Create Snapshot
  • Dropped Temp from 6550 to 6000 to match colour in painting
  • Used Spot Heal on the stain on the slab by the elbow
  • Masked off the bottles and brightened exposure by a stop to brighten bottles
  • Radial mask under arm to brighten shadows by half a stop
  • Linear gradients from left and right to put some texture in background, increased exp by 1 stop
  • Radial Gradient on face to brighten by half a stop
  • Masked off using colour range, the slab then altered tint and temp to make it slate grey.
  • Create Snapshot
  • Export to 100% quality file
Final Image

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