Studio Workshop #6 – Show and Tell

Today was a show of images between the groups doing digital photography and studio photography with a bit of film processing too.

Not a Crit

The Digital team showed off their images to the groups and Euripides for initial feedback

  • Nichola – apocalyptic Bilston and roundabouts with burnt out cars on, interesting vision.
  • Deanna -images of zombies walking around Camden
  • Jen – showed her digital images that she’d printed out of old buildings made to look more dilapidated.
  • Elli – displayed photos of an increase in rubbish and waste taking over parks and public spaces, I thought that the rubbish didn’t look like it had been photoshopped.

The Studio team then shared their portraits based off old paintings with a change or appropriation, some even may have parody and satire in the image.

  • Paris showed off man reading and explained that the gender swap worked with the book being little women too.
  • Euripides noted that Jane Austen has a quote on the rear of the ten pound note which goes some way to explaining the shift in attitudes to women reading for pleasure.
Jane Austen quote on the polymer £10 note.
  • Angel showed Red Kimono and had swapped out the background too.
  • Liberty showed boy with lesson book, except there was a gender swap and iPad instead of book.
  • Chan displayed Lady Hamilton image and explained the hair instead of the hat showed natural Afro hair to be something beautiful and not as per usual stereotype.
  • I showed my images off and there was a little talk about the clothes changing
  • Veronica had trouble opening her images from Onedrive so I showed my version of the image

There was a question from Euripides about who pressed the button as it’s their name on the photo.

I’ll need to work with Liberty and chan to decide who has credit for what.

Angel needs an image to take credit for so I’m going to do the Jonathan Miller image next week and she can take the image.

Hand In Concerns

There was also a lot of talk around what we needed to hand in on the assignment hand in date

Need a portfolio file of all of the final images and then another file of all of the other info including reflective journals, sketchbooks and contact sheets etc.

Ilford Processing Time

After the workshop and chat about our photos I went to develop a film in the processing room. My Film#22 a roll of 36 exposures of Ilford HP5 Plus went into the “Loading Room” in pitch darkness and then I realised I’d forgotten the scissors so I kept the canister with the bottom prized off in my hand in my trouser pocket whilst I went into the light to get a pair of scissors, this would remove the front of the leader so that I had a square front leading edge to go into the Paterson spiral.

When back in the darkness I wound the film from the canister onto the spiral spool and then put it in the Paterson tank and made it light tight before heading into the “Processing” room.

There I prepared the chemistry I’d need for the single roll of 35mm, I needed 300ml of developer which consists of 150ml of D76 and same of water, at 20 °C.

Tipping the 300ml of dev solution it was in the tank being inverted for 13 mins, before a minute of stop solution and 5 mins of Fix. Then it was into the wash for 20 mins, a 30 second shake in the wetting agent before 30 mins. in the drying cabinet.

Once out of the cabinet it was into the “FINISHING” room for cutting into lengths of six negs and careful storage in a Kenro sleeve. Then I was going to print a Contact sheet but I hadn’t reckoned on needing to have booked out a 35mm contact printer so in the end I left and went home to get on with my work-work.

Cutting and sleeving the newly processed roll of 36 (actually 38) exposures.


It was an interesting day with the talk about each others’ work and seeing how many times the course leader needed to stop people talking when he was trying to clarify answers to questions that my colleagues had previously asked him to explain.

The session was a good reminder of why we have to document our thoughts for the reasons of an image being made and also to carefully detail who took the photo and more information about the meaning of the image.

The hand in date of 10th May for me is coming around quickly so I’m looking forward to getting everything in and dusted by then. We need to submit one file with the portfolio of images included for the four modules as well as a file for Reflective Journal, Technical Journal, Lecture Notes and reactions etc as well as sketchbooks. It all needs to be in a digital format also.

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